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Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning

Quantum Organizations: A New Paradigm for Achieving Organizational Success and Personal Meaning

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Today's executives and managers face an unprecedented challenge. They must find innovative ways to meet the demands of the complex and interrelated problems posed by new technology, globalization, rapid change, and intensifying competition. Empowerment, reengineering, organizational learning, and other change initiatives have attempted to offer practical solutions to this challenge. But what has been lacking is a completely integrated approach for leading, managing, and organizing for the new millennium.

QUANTUM ORGANIZATIONS presents a new paradigm that can help today's executives see, think, and act in new ways that enhance organizational success and personal meaning. Management expert and top-selling author Ralph Kilmann brings together more than three decades of research and consulting experience in this groundbreaking book to provide a practical guide to achieving the essential transformational changes the new realities require.

Writing with a masterful command of the sweep of human evolution and the awesome discoveries of the new sciences, Kilmann shows why the old concepts that served the industrial age must give way to altogether new categories--a new paradigm for the age of global interdependence and self-aware consciousness. He clearly explains how to use this new paradigm to see the increasing interconnections among industries, markets, organizations, and organizational members; radically improve infrastructures, systems, and processes; create new levels of organizational success and economic value; and reach new heights of personal meaning, fulfillment, and enlightenment.

Four-color figures used throughout the book reveal the essence of Kilmann's paradigm.