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Start Your Own Executive Recruiting Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

Start Your Own Executive Recruiting Business (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

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Tap into your people skills-connect candidates with clients for profit! When companies go looking for top business talent, they don't check out the "job wanted" ads; they hire a "headhunter"- an executive recruiter. Executive recruiters are experts at locating star job candidates, leaders and managers of a caliber rarely discovered by the usual recruitment demanding of top-flight leadership and decision-making skills, companies are increasingly turning to executive recruiters to help them find the talent they need to stay competitive. This comprehensive guide shows you the strategies used by the best executive search professionals in starting and running their own successful placement services. There are more tricks of the trade to this business than to most others. Our guide tells you what you really need to know. Networking for success The difference between contingency and retainer fees How to approach prospective candidates Little-known characteristics to look for in executive job candidates The best way to charge for services How to beat out the competition And much more! You'll also find tips on working with outside search firms and locating candidates abroad. Learn how to find the best talent for hire- and make good money doing it!