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Strategic Planning : A Practical Guide

Strategic Planning : A Practical Guide

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Strategic Planning A Practical Guide Peter Rea, Ph.D., Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. In today’s business world, now more than ever, the only constant is change. With technology producing a steady stream of innovations, consumer preferences shifting rapidly,and world-wide free trade increasing, successful managers face a growing challenge to remain a step ahead of the future. From business students to corporate managers, anyone interested in this discipline will find no resource more insightful and engagingthan Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide. From their extensive experience consulting with Fortune 500 companies, Rea and Kerzner have succeeded in crafting the definitive introduction to strategic planning and management policy and strategy—from the grass-roots principles to the practical applications utilized by organizations today. Examining the integral roles of finance, marketing, learning curves, research and development, inventory control, and manufacturing techniques, Strategic Planning presents a comprehensive overview of the development and implementation of contemporary strategic planning models applicable to both small and large businesses. Rather than teaching complex, integrated theory, the authors offer a straight-forward approach todemonstrate strategic planning and management policy techniques. With step-by-step methods on how to apply relevant material, along with discussion questions, and problems designed to highlight the practical application of particular issues, companies can successfully formulate and implement strategic initiatives to:
  • Establish a clear direction for the future
  • Make decisions across levels and functions
  • Improve organizational performance
  • Build teamwork and expertise
  • Aid executives in thinking and behaving strategically
  • And more!