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Become The Brand of Choice: Make Your Name a Powerful Brand and Earn Millions

Become The Brand of Choice: Make Your Name a Powerful Brand and Earn Millions

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To succeed, you MUST stand out from the crowd with a great Personal Brand!

Today’s cutthroat competition makes it essential to create a powerful brand that sets you apart from your competition. Inexpensive and powerful technologies enable virtually anyone to build a high-profile identity. Branding is the one sure-fire way to have customers come to you rather than having to chase after them. It is the path to a happier life, filled with more wealth and free time than you ever thought possible! In this book, Jason Hartman, "America’s foremost expert on Personal Branding", shows you, step by step, how to establish yourself as a sought-after brand name in your field. Long-term success in business comes with building long-term relationships. You can eliminate much of the uncertainty and wasted effort of selling by focusing instead on marketing. Build emotional bonds in your marketplace rather than constantly chasing leads and you’ll make more money and enjoy doing it!

Creating a powerful Personal Brand is a proven way to beat your competition and control your destiny. Jason Hartman will show you how to harness the power and potential of relationship marketing to become the brand of choice!

Within these pages you’ll learn howto:
• Create a powerful brand identity for you and your business.
• Use the media and avoid many common media mistakes.
• Dramatically expand your visibility and become a local celebrity.
• Use loyalty programs to create customers for life.
• Eliminate the stress and uncertainty of "roller coaster" income.
• Convert your customers to super-salespeople for your business.
• Become a more successful employee within your company.
• Achieve notoriety in your industry and community.
• Have more quality time for yourself and your family.