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Leading for a Change : How to Master the 5 Challenges Faced by Every Leader

Leading for a Change : How to Master the 5 Challenges Faced by Every Leader

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Bringing together the best practices of many of the most highly
respected organizational thinkers shaping the future landscape of
business, Leading for a Change finally answers the question of how to make leadership success a reality.

This book is relevant for all leaders within the organization-from the shop floor, to those pushing the envelop with e-commerce to walnut row. The book's "5 Challenges of Organizational Leadership" enables readers to concentrate on specific tasks crucial tocreating a unified, visionary and dynamic organization. The author's unique Leader's Map framework lays out the five universal challenges facing today's leaders: reframing the future, developing
followership, teaching and learning, building community, and balancing paradox. The book's leadership "roadmap" and diagnostic surveys help readers assess their organization's current and emerging
leadership challenges and devise new adaptable and anticipatory strategies. Drawing from the works of suchluminary business gurus as Kouzes & Posner, Senge, Covey, Bennis, Hamel and others, the author has translated their wisdom into practical tools that bring clarity to the order and rhythm of what it takes to be a successful leader. Leading for a Change is straightforward and free from jargon. The unique underlying principles of the book are:

Leadership can be learned, thus it is less art and mostly practice
Leadership need not be a solo act. Leaders support each other to
accomplish organization objectives
The most successful leaders focus on using their strengths effectively
Effective leaders learn to use leadership tools in ways that are natural to them

Helps make leadership and change management concrete tasks
Gives readers practical, proven methods and tools (questionnaires, decision maps)
Provides a decision-making framework for assessing and plotting organizational strategy