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The New SuperLeadership: Leading Others to Lead Themselves

The New SuperLeadership: Leading Others to Lead Themselves

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Thoroughly revised and updated editon of bestselling SuperLeadership (more than 100,000 copies sold)
o Features numerous real-life stories of how leaders have achieved greater success through bringing out self-leadership in others
o Even more essential now than when first published, given today’s independent-minded workforce and organizations’ need to react quickly to rapidly changing conditions "SuperLeadership" describes a style of leadership that focuses on "leading others to lead themselves." While the prevailing leadership approaches focus on hierarchical leadership (the traditional autocratic model of leadership), transactional leadership (motivating people through rewards, such as incentive pay), and visionary leadership (motivating people through the leader’s vision and inspirational rhetoric), SuperLeadership focuses on the development of follower self-leadership. The New SuperLeadership is based on the same concepts as the first book, but is thoroughly revised throughout and emphasizes a pragmatic, how-to approach. It provides practical guidance for implementing SuperLeadership. This new book also features contemporary examples and profiles, many from the high-tech and knowledge-based business sectors.