Start Your Own Bar and Tavern (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Ups)

Start Your Own Bar and Tavern (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Ups)

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Live your dream selling the good life!

Running a bar or tavern is one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs who want to operate a small business. But there's a lot you have to know if you're going to succeed. This book is the place to find it. Learn about the categories of bar businesses and how to get started in each one. Whether your dream is to own a small neighborhood pub or a large nightclub, this book will help reduce your financial risk and improve your chances for success. The author explains step by step everything you need to know before opening your doors. Topics covered include how to:

  • Handle federal, state and local regulations
  • Research the market
  • Scout and evaluate potential locations
  • Prepare a business loan and secure financing
  • Design an efficient, attractive bar
  • Purchase and keep track of inventory
  • Promote and advertise your bar
  • Interview, hire, and train employees

This easy-to-use guide also includes useful sample forms, cost-cutting ideas, common mistakes to avoid, and additional resources, plus step-by-step instructions, checklists, and work sheets that will guide you through every aspect of the start-up process. Pick up this book today and start living your dream.