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Startup to IPO: How to Build and Finance a Technology Company

Startup to IPO: How to Build and Finance a Technology Company

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"Startup to IPO" is a practical handbook about building a technology company with an emphasis on proven techniques to raise capital at each stage of development. From his personal experience at more than twenty technology companies, Donald H. MacAdam explains the entire process from securing a few hundred thousand dollars in seed financing through the completion of the Initial Public Offering. Of particular interest to entrepreneurs are the step-by-step instructions for raising small or large amounts of money, and the differences between seed round investors, venture capitalists, commercial bankers, and investment bankers in terms of motivation and valuation. An appendix explains how to build a forecast model for a technology company in a format that is acceptable to financial professionals.

From an operational and strategic perspective, the main themes include the importance of intellectual property, how to build and execute a business plan, how to lead, manage and motivate employees, how to generate revenues and how to control cash flow. The narrative is illustrated with first-hand accounts and complemented with examples and explanations of a Seed Round Financial Forecast, a Weekly Activity Report, a Sales Pipeline, a Venture Capital Term Sheet, anEngagement Letter and a Mezzanine Round Term Sheet. Dedicated chapters address the special issues of biotechnology companies, reverse takeovers and angel investors, the issuance of stock options, and dealing with shareholder demands for liquidity.