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Winning in Business With Enterprise Project Management

Winning in Business With Enterprise Project Management

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MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS BY PROJECTS Winning Through Enterprise Project Management To navigate the treacherous waters of today's business world, companies must be agile and dynamic. To survive the ravages of a plundering competition, they must finda better way to do business. More and more companies are discovering that the focused, results-oriented tenets of project management - a discipline made to meet the challenges they face -- is the better way they're seeking. Managing Organizations By Projects (MOBP) shows readers how to use the powerful tools of project management on a whole new, enterprise-wide level and make project management an organizational creed, using it to plan and take care of daily business, not simply accomplish one project. Companies that do so will generate more organizational synergy ... add speed to on-going processes ... increase productivity ... ensure their own survival and prosperity, and more. PAUL C. DINSMORE has more than twenty years of experience as a project manager and is president of his own consulting and training firm. He is the author of The AMA Handbook of Project Management (Amacom).