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Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management: Step-by-Step

Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management: Step-by-Step

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Praise for Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management

"The ‘Comprehensive Intellectual Capital Management’ (CICM) approach Ms. Al-Ali has developed is truly groundbreaking in that it effectively addresses one of the most significant challenges in the intellectual capital management (ICM) arena today: the ability to directly link ICM to bottom line business value. The integration of innovation processes with knowledge management (KM) and intellectual asset management (IAM), combined with a robust portfolio management discipline are the most critical and unique components of the CICM approach. Additionally, the fact that CICM can be customized to fit the strategic direction, operational structure, and culture of a company is also a very appealing aspect of this bottom line—based approach. This book speaks to every person in the ICM chain, the inventor, market manager, patent attorney, finance manager, IA manager, research manager, business manager, production manager, and most importantly, the CFO."
–David Near, Director of Business Excellence, Polyurethanes Business
The Dow Chemical Company

"This is a seminal work in that vast wilderness where law merges with business. It should be dog-eared and underlined with notes in the margin by any lawyer or business leader who cares about how intellectual capital is valued and how it should be managed to maximize growth and profit. This is the critical knowledge for the next decade and beyond."
–John D. Hutson, Dean & President, Franklin Pierce Law Center

"Management and reporting of Intellectual Capital has become one of the most important issues facing business and society in the knowledge economy. Much work has been done around the world trying to develop general acceptable solutions. Nermien Al-Ali presents in her book a unique and very inspirational contribution to the search for ways of better managing and reporting Intellectual Capital."
–Jan V.K. Hoffmeister, Vice President, Intellectual Capital Management
Skandia Insurance Company