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The Boss's Survival Guide

The Boss's Survival Guide

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In today’s booming economy, there are more jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. Retaining those qualified employees has become a manager’s top priority. Today’s managers not only need to make sure their employees are productive, but also need to make sure their employees remain satisfied and motivated—otherwise employees will leave.

According to recent surveys, what really causes employees to stay or drives them away is “the boss,” and not money or perks. That means that managers need to learn how to manage in ways that will attract qualified workers and make them want to stay. Short on theory and long on hands-on, real-world advice and guidance, this survival guide:

• Tells managers, in plain English, why and how they need to change the way they operate in order to hold on to valued employees
• Covers all the bases, including hiring and orientation, team-building, coaching, setting expectations, painless performance appraisals, and other day-to-day issues
• Features Rosner’s trademark humor— well-known to the tens of thousands of loyal readers of his nationally syndicated column, “Working Wounded”