Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management

Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management

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Start a Revolution in Your Management Thinking!

Although Ben Franklin is best known for being a patriot, diplomat, and inventor, he first rose from obscurity to become one of the most influential and successful business owners in Colonial America. In fact, Franklin was so successful that he was able to retire at age 42 to pursue his other, more well known interests.

Franklin chronicled his early life through The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Drawing upon that book'swealth of wisdom, Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management explores the innovative management principles and philosophies this "Founding Father of American Business" pioneered, including:

  • Great managers rarely have great beginnings
  • Seek first to manage yourself, then to manage others
  • Influence is more important than victory
  • Become a revolutionary for positive experimentation and change
  • Sometimes it's better to do 1,001 small things right than one large thing right
  • Incentive is everything

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a mid-level manager, or a Fortune 500 executive, Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management will inspire you to integrate Franklin's wisdom into your everyday life and show youhow to use his revolutionary management philosophies to improve your performance and more effectively manage your business.