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The Power of Positive Criticism

The Power of Positive Criticism

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Here's some invaluable, hands-on guidance on a very touchy subject. Some people just can't take criticism. And some people just can't give it--not in a positive, motivating, mutually beneficial manner, anyway. That's too bad, because criticism is essential to many aspects of business, such as performance appraisals, quality control, and team functioning, to name a few.

This empowering book helps readers take the sting out of criticism--and transform it from a destructive, demoralizing disaster into an energizing, educating experience that builds relationships and increases individual and organizational success.

Using real-life scenarios and the author's 21 tips to positive criticism, readers will learn to: Think of criticism as a positive thing * Become strategic criticizers and develop their skill in using the power of positive criticism * Stay cool, calm, and collected when giving or getting criticism * Criticize their boss--without getting fired, and more.