The New Partnership : Profit by Bringing Out the Best in Your People, Customers, and Yourself

The New Partnership : Profit by Bringing Out the Best in Your People, Customers, and Yourself

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"This highly readable, practical, principle-centered book absolutely inspires honesty and caring."— Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

"The New Partnership kept me up half the night, engaged with [Melohn's] insights and humor. . . . I loved it."—Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California, Author of An Invented Life

"Tom Melohn's many anecdotes bring home the personal investment in partnership. There are important lessons here for each of us."—Bob Galvin, Chairman, Executive Committee, Motorola Corporation

"A wonderful book! The kind of leadership Melohn describes takes guts and hard work, for it's built on competence in relationships and moral purpose. The results can make capitalism human and fruitful."—Max De Pree, Former CEO of Herman Miller, Author of The Art of Leadership

"North American Tool & Die is one of the truly significant success stories I've encountered in all my years at Inc. If anything, I think the moral of the great NATD parable is more relevant today than ever."—George Gendron, Editor in Chief, Inc. magazine

The New Partnership offers a timeless business philosophy that can produce real bottom-line resultsin any organization. Relying on fundamental values such as trust, honesty, dignity, equality, mutual respect, teamwork, recognition, and caring, Tom Melohn and his partners produced remarkable results at North American Tool & Die. As the result of a "newpartnership" forged with each co-worker, customer, and supplier, NATD experienced record growth, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

In The New Partnership you'll discover how NATD transformed their company, and you'll learn how to make their experience a lasting reality in your own business, division, or department.