Global Explorers: The Next Generation of Leaders

Global Explorers: The Next Generation of Leaders

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In this age of globalization challenges--from economic uncertainty to emerging markets--there are no mapped out answers for the international manager. Global Explorers guides the global manager from the periphery to the center stage of international business leadership.

In a 1997 survey of Fortune 500 firms conducted by authors J. Stewart Black, Allen J. Morrison and Hal B. Gregersen, virtually all companies indicated there was a severe shortage of global leaders. The demand for competentglobal leaders far outstrips the supply. Global Explorers provides the skills and outlines the competencies future global managers need to fill the leadership gap.

Using extensive research, real-life examples, and 130 in-depth interviews with senior executives representing 50 global companies, including IBM, Disney, Exxon and Sony, Global Explorers suggests the reasons for the global leadership shortage, and identifies the necessary skills to compete in the international marketplace.

The authors associate three basic and necessary competencies to teach the global managers of tomorrow :
Strong Character to acquire the trust and goodwill of people around the world
Duality to embrace conflicting priorities and manage overwhelming uncertainty
Savvy to provide a clear business sense of what needs to be done and how to access the resources to make it happen

For managers who want to safeguard their corporate future in these changing times, Global Explorers will help them develop a personal program for developing and balancing the skills they need to become successful global leaders.