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Unleashing Leaders

Unleashing Leaders

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The current environment and management in organizations is not conducive to leadership development. Most large organizations in the world try to develop leaders through training, be it in-house programmes or external courses.
In this new book, Hilarie Owen shows us that the sort of training available is not necessarily working. Leadership is a personal journey as demonstrated in the 'prequel' to this book In Search of Leaders , and training courses alone are limited in their effectiveness, especially when individuals have to return to organizations where the structure, culture and rigid processes do not allow them to 'be leaders'.
This book offers a way forward where organizations will be able to transform themselves to become places where the potential of existing leaders and 'would-be' leaders can be expressed.
Hilarie Owen outlines a holistic model, containing seven interconnecting actions that will help organizations transform to be adaptable to leaders.
The outcome, if an organization follows this model, is a unique 'web structure' as opposed to the traditional hierarchies or organizations. The web structure in an organization promotes productivity and the release of an individual's potential.
In a climate where staff retention and motivation is a problem, managers stand to learn some important lessons from this book.
"Leadership is the right of those at the top of the organization - but we are all at the top of something in our life. We all have thepotential to postively effect things, but such leadership requires personal courage. Unleashing Leaders will be compelling reading for you, if you have that courage." Anthony J Stables, Air Vice Marshall