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The Trainer's Support Handbook: A Guide to Managing the Administrative Details of Training

The Trainer's Support Handbook: A Guide to Managing the Administrative Details of Training

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Most books on training focus on how to prepare classroom materials and lesson plans, and how to be a good presenter. However, a 1999 survey of 200 training professionals conducted by author Jean Barbazette's company, The Training Clinic, found that 26% to 51% of their time was spent on administrative tasks relating to training: Scheduling training events; Registering and confirming attendance at training events; Preparing training rooms for instruction; Evaluating the success of training efforts; Marketing training internally. The Training Coordinator's Handbook is the first book that focuses on these tasks--"the other 50%" of a trainer's workload--that happen outside the classroom. The Handbook makes life easier for training professionals with dozens oftools, job aids, and guidelines that make these tasks simpler and faster. The book will appeal to training managers, trainers, and full-time training coordinators bogged down in administrative details and responsibilities, or who want to help with the important planning issues every trainer must deal with, such as developing an overall plan for training in the organization and determining who needs training and in what areas. Based on a public workshop offered by The Training Clinic entitled "Today's Effective Training Coordinator," the book provides helpful tools for speeding up tasks such as: Selecting and hiring training vendors or internal subject matter experts; Marketing training internally; Registering participants; Scheduling and setting up classrooms, and; Following up after training to see if the training was effective or what additional training needs remain.