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Management Stripped Bare: Understanding Business As It Really Is

Management Stripped Bare: Understanding Business As It Really Is

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There's management as it should be, and then there's management as it is. Thankfully, Management Stripped Bare narrows the gulf between theoretical solutions and workable practices, providing a bevy of real solutions for novice managers and seasoned veterans alike.

Management Stripped Bare takes a serious look at business issues large and small, from leadership to accounting practices, performance appraisals to sexual harassment policy, mergers and acquisitions to project management, and much more. With a bracing, take-no-prisoners tone and more than 150 examples, author Jo Owen leads you through cubicles, corner offices and boardrooms, deflating hype and exposing hypocrisy in pursuit of more enlightened and practical management solutions.

The author has spent 20 years working with some of the world's best (and worst) companies. Management Stripped Bare lays out his experience in one essential round-up of those strategies that work and those that don't. For real-world managers disillusioned by sacred cows, Jo Owen is serving burgers.