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The Stress Management Handbook

The Stress Management Handbook

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No other book offers the scientific scope, compelling success stories and comprehensive mind-body-spirit strategies for stress management - all in simple language and an easy to read format. The contents includes: the author's personal story of physical, emotional and spiritual healing; scientific evidence supporting the mind-body-spirit connection; why psychiatric drugs are not a panacea for stress-related symptoms; a sound philosophy of harnessing personal power through self-knowledge, self-love, spirituality, and commitment to change; over 50 practical strategies covering healing breath work, meditation, and other physical relaxation techniques; overcoming stressful thoughts, beliefs and emotions; getting needs met; self-reflection; communication skills; seeing options; self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-love; listening to your inner voice; the power of gratitude and wonder; living in the present moment; finding inner peace; and more; compelling and poignant success stories; a powerful approach to overcoming anxiety/panic attacks without medication. The Stress Management Handbook represents the new standard in stress management for individuals and health care and mental health care professionals.