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Leveraging the Horizon: Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur

Leveraging the Horizon: Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur

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In the United States there are 19 million entrepreneurs, many of whom repeatedly launch business after business in an attempt to succeed. Intense competition and limited availability of venture capital makes the monumental task of starting a high tech business even more challenging today. Leveraging the Horizon provides a solution.Serial entrepreneur and active angel investor Ed Addison shows readers how to envision and execute revolutionary new ideas to get the best talent, form breakthrough products and businesses, attract capital, and ultimately displace incumbents. The book explains a philosophy--leveraging the horizon--and demonstrates why this philosophy is essential to the success of any venture.The engineer-turned-entrepreneur shows by example that success can be achieved through desire, planning and execution--not luck. He is the founder of ConQuest Software, which he sold to Excalibur Technologies in 1995 for $33 million, and Powerize.com, which merged with Hoover's Inc. in 2000 for $22 million. He has valuable insight to share and presents it in an informative, inspiring and captivating manner. Addison can be contacted at ed@edaddison.com.