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Company of Heroes: Unleashing the Power of Self-Leadership

Company of Heroes: Unleashing the Power of Self-Leadership

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A successful career means more than just upward mobility and a house in the suburbs—it's the chance to work with people who are as optimistic, energetic, and successful as you are. The chance, in other words, to be part of a company of heroes.

In this book, authors Henry Sims and Charles Manz show you how to make this dream come true. Company of Heroes is a springboard for releasing the talent, energy, and enthusiasm of everyone in the organization—not just those at the top. Offering new concepts of leadership—among them, heroic self-leadership—this remarkable book calls for a new, dynamic attitude toward work in today's business organizations.

Developing ideas presented in their acclaimed book SuperLeadership, the authors describe a pragmatic, detailed program you can use to transform everyone in your company into a heroic self-leader. You'll learn:

  • How to become a self-leader and serve as a self-leadership model for others
  • Why SuperLeadership is much more in tune with today's business needs than traditional models of leadership
  • How the core process of follower self-leadership works and how to implement proven self-leadership strategies
  • How organizations and managers can make the challenging transition to self-leadership
  • How to use teams to empower followers and how to take the entire team concept to the next level
  • How a total culture of self-leadership can create a company of heroes
  • What can be learned from the examples of such real-life SuperLeaders as Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric; Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semler Industries; and Dennis Bakke, CEO of AES Corporation

An invaluable resource for all managers and supervisors, Company of Heroes is a blueprint for all those who want to build the new, more dynamic organizations of the future now.

A practical, step-by-step program for unleashing the full talents of everyone in your organization

Company of Heroes

In the leaner, meaner organizations of the 1990s the ability to turn a work group into a company of heroes is the key to managerial success. Drawing on concepts set forth in their bestselling SuperLeadership, Henry P. Sims, Jr., and Charles C. Manz provide a complete set of proven, easy-to-use strategies and techniques that managers can use to help their people become heroes—creative, highly motivated self-leaders.

Practical, step-by-step guidance on implementing SuperLeadership concepts in any industry

  • How to become a self-leader and serve as a self-leadership model for others
  • A detailed examination of the traditional leadership models—why they have lost effectiveness and why SuperLeadership offers a more dynamic, empowering way to lead
  • Promoting self-led teamwork and boosting the performance levels of teams
  • Vivid, real-life examples of SuperLeaders and self-leadership in action

And many more strategies and techniques for unleashing the powerful self-leadership capacity that resides within each person.Company of Heroes is must reading for all managers and supervisors determined to create extraordinarily effective organizations.

"A hands-on guide to leading others to be self-leaders, this book is a must for managers interested in truly empowering their people." —John J. Gabarro, Professor Harvard Business School

"Sims and Manz give leaders well-articulated prescriptions for breaking barriers to profitable empowerm ent of followers. They offer help for teachers who must demonstrate the link between empowerment theor y and practice. Indeed, Sims and Manz do a better job of explaining how organizations really empower followers than do other writers." —J. Robert Baum, Ph.D., President Ivan C. Dutterer Inc., Architectural Woodwork

"Understanding the new role of the manager is one of the biggest barriers to thriving in today's work environment. Manz and Sims confront this challenge head-on. They not only dispel the fear that the job of manager no longer exists, they present theexciting notion that a more challenging and rewarding managerial role is ahead—leading people to lead themselves." —Timothy T. Conlon, Vice President Human Resources, Xerox Production Systems