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Global Control: Information Technology and Globalization Since 1845

Global Control: Information Technology and Globalization Since 1845

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In Global Control, Peter McMahon provides a clearer understanding of the long process of globalization by focusing on the crucial role of information and control technologies.

Information systems and control technologies are key to globalization and, while generally facilitating the overall trend to spatial reorganization, they also effect change through the pervasive influence of ‘internal systems logic’. Thus, the author argues, the dominant institutions of states, firms and markets transform global development and are themselves transformed by key information technologies. More specifically, he identifies the key phases of modern globalization and analyzes the crucial role played by different information technologies at each point in time.

McMahon uses theory in political economy with writing on technological developments, and also combines cutting edge theory with historical evidence to provide a new explanation of the last two and a half centuries of global development.

This unique book will be of great interest to academics and researchers of political economy, globalization, innovation and science as well as international business scholars.