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Intuition: The New Frontier of Management (Developmental Management)

Intuition: The New Frontier of Management (Developmental Management)

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This is the first comprehensive book to be published on the subject of intuition in management, a key element in business thinking and practice. The conventional management approach based on analytical problem solving is no longer adequate by itself to cope with accelerating change, complexity, uncertainty and conflict. The book presents a conceptual framework of intuition as well as extensive material on its application, especially to corporate vision building. Intuition is thought provoking and well-grounded, being based upon a global survey of more than 1,300 practising managers in nine countries - USA, UK, Austria, Brazil, France, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden. This book is invaluable not only for managers and management educators, but also for those interested in enhancing their intuitive capacities. The reader will not only get clearer insights about the concept of intuition, but also learn processes for applying intuition to decision making in general and vision building in particular.