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Developing Employees Who Love to Learn

Developing Employees Who Love to Learn

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Employees who embrace learning eagerly develop new skills, innovate creatively, and welcome change--the ingredients of success for any organization that wants to stay competitive and meet the challenges of the turbulent 21st century workplace. "Developing Employees Who Love to Learn" is filled with innovative strategies for helping employees advance themselves--and their businesses--by learning to learn. Step-by-step this book shows how to lay the groundwork and put in place the activities and programs that will generate meaningful employee learning.

Author Linda Honold's numerous illustrative examples give managers and human resource and organization devleopment professionals a much-needed guide to promoting ongoing learning at work. Using the information outlined in this book enables any organization to create and implement an effective learning-to-learn system that will integrate learning with work, link a new learning approach to an existing career development program, encourage employees to be responsible for their own learning, develop employees who are engaged in their work, tie employee learning to performance evaluations, and transform any workplace into a learning environment.

The book includes "The Learning Toolbox," featuring 90 practical resources for creating a dynamic learning environment.