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Zero Gravity 2.0: Launching Technology Companies in a Tougher Venture Capital World, Second Edition

Zero Gravity 2.0: Launching Technology Companies in a Tougher Venture Capital World, Second Edition

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The handbook for the next phenomenal period of venture capital. Zero Gravity quickly became one of the defining books during an unprecedented period in entrepreneurship. But, the world it described and helped shape changed dramatically in the spring of 2000. Now, noted Internet stock analyst Steve Harmon provides an even more penetrating look into the quicksilver world of Internet venture capital and its lasting role in the world enterprise economy. Zero Gravity 2.0 , revised in concept and content like a major new software update, confidently capitalizes on the best of the old and the new. It features insightful analysis of the 1999-2000 dot-com correction, which affected the portfolios, psychology, expectations, and metrics of venture capitalists. Harmon looks at emerging trends from the vantage point of an entrepreneur. He also shares his perspective on the prospects for obtaining early-stage money over the next several years, now that the first Internet wave has crested. Zero Gravity 2.0 also includes new sections on Web incubators, long-term trends, and other recent dot-com developments, plus updated statistics, tables, and resources. And Harmon offers a thought-provoking analysis of the dark underbelly of e-commerce: backlashes by copyright holders and regulators to some Internet business models, new roadblocks in broadband data capacity, and more. Zero Gravity is written from an insider's point of view. It's packed with insights from top Internet venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, features a new foreword by Ann Winblad, and is the perfect plug-in to the world of e-commerce start-ups.

Key Features:
• In-depth coverage of the current operating climate of technology start-up companies
• Definition of the outlook for venture capital in the evolving, sobered-up, dot-com business environment
• The pros and cons of Web incubators; a snapshot of the top incubators and rising stars
• Updated "little black book" of venture capital
• New foreword by Ann Winblad, cofounder of the prominent venture capital firm Hummer Winblad
• Centric vs. Internet-enabled business models; how the model makes all the difference. Includes a list of which public companies fall into which category