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Focused Energy: Mastering Bottom-Up Organization

Focused Energy: Mastering Bottom-Up Organization

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In today’s world of rapid change, companies must unleash energy at all levels to identify new opportunities. But unleashing energy creates centrifugal forces that can pull the organization apart. Setting energy in motion isn’t enough—it has to be focused. No single theory can capture how successful companies simultaneously generate and focus energy. Far better is to draw upon multiple perspectives from different management disciplines to provide a practical approach. This is exactly what Focused Energy provides. It draws upon the faculty of Europe’s leading executive development school to help you:
  • Energize your organization with initiatives coming from the frontline
  • Build leadership capabilities to direct a bottom-up organization
  • Integrate high energy into a coherent whole
  • Identify new business opportunities and exploit radical business shifts
In today’s ever-changing business landscape, we see the need more than ever before for focused energy, for organizations that stimulate energy on the frontline, show great flexibility, and focus quickly on new breakthrough opportunities. This book addresses the issues of what a bottom-up organization is and how high economic value can be created through focusing and harnessing frontline energy. From the Foreword by Jorma Ollila, Chairman and CEO, Nokia