High-Impact Training : Getting Results and Respect

High-Impact Training : Getting Results and Respect

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Who is the real customer of training? Don't stay caught in old school thinking. The participant is not your customer. You may think that because your participants are smiling when they leave the training room that you have conducted a successful session. But did you know that nearly ninety percent of training efforts are wasted? The new skills you've taught are often never put into action and those that are used are often used ineffectively.

You real customers are the supervisors and managers that hired you to train their employees. They are counting on you to organize and implement training that makes their business more successful. If your participants only retain ten percent of what you've taught them, you've failed your employer.

    High-Impact Training presents an easy-to-follow, easy-to-implement, seven-step model that will help you:
  • Identify and partner with your customer
  • Conduct high impact needs assessment
  • Select and source high impact programs
  • Design high impact training events
  • Facilitate mutual assessment and feedback
  • Design training to meet future needs
Filled with real case examples taken from Todd Lapidus's 22 years of training experience, High-Impact Training will prompt you to rethink the traditional training model and offers a new seven-step high-impact model resulting in:
  • More constructive input from your customers
  • The most relevant training possible
  • Increased participant retention of lessons
  • Meeting company objectives

Every step of the way, the author highlights the differences between the traditional approach and the high-impact approach to training. The accompanying disk contains reproducible worksheets, forms, checklists and customizable form.

With High-Impact Training as your guide, you'll soon be seeing the results and the respect you deserve.