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Shakespeare on Management

Shakespeare on Management

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In the last couple of years, the Elizabethan period has gone mainstream: First Kenneth Branaugh brough Hamlet into shopping mall theaters. This year, we had ELIZABETH, the Best Picture Oscar winner SHAKEPEARE IN LOVE, and a mainstream film version of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. Now, we bring Shakespeare into the corporate world.

Drawing direct lessons for 21st century management from Shakespeare's plays of 400 years ago, Paul Corrigan examines how managers can learn the skills of successful leadership. Modern day managers may not have quite the same problems as Corilanus or Henry V, but they do have to take responsibility for the bit of the world that they control.

Paul Corrigan is not an academic, but a freelance journalist and management consultant that came to love Shakepeare in the laset ten years. He does not assume that we all know our Shakespeare, but puts eveything into context. The management lessons he draws from Shakespeare are not arcane theories, but real-life lessons that anyone in business can appreciate.