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Smart Things to Know About, Smart Things to Know About People Management

Smart Things to Know About, Smart Things to Know About People Management

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Managing people can be a joy but we all know that it can also be a real nightmare. The reality is that people are hugely unpredictable, complex, inconsistent animals who never react in the way you expect. They are also far from being blank slates. They have all manner of stuff in their heads, most of which is generated by past experience, which might or might not be consistent with what works best for the organisation. The widespread grouching and moaning by managers about their people, and people about their managers, testifies to the gulf that lies between the theory and practice of people management. Smart Things to Know about People Management reveals some principles that underlie all human behaviour and shows how we can base our management behaviouron those principles. And when that fails David Firth shows how we can learn from it and try something else. So, what are the Smart things to know about people:
  • People are living human beings. They need healthy and compelling places to work, fit for the heart and soul as well as for the bank balance. How do you create one?
  • People are fundamentally creative creatures. In the constant whirl of thinking, talking and acting, people make things mean things. Is their work constructively meaningful forthem?
  • People need to be seen to be successful, good or strong. People are desperate for recognition, acceptance and approval. How should you react?
  • Life is difficult, and when it shows that it is, people think something has gone wrong. Actually, nothing’s gone wrong. It’s just life proving that it’s difficult. What can you do to ease the way?
  • People operate in the present to the future they believe they have available to them. How can you inspire a powerful future?
Smart Things to Know about People Management gives you everything you need to understand and make the most of the people around you. Become a Smart people Manager and you could be the most radical agent for positive change that your organization has ever seen. SmartThings to Say: The important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. Peter Drucker