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Knowledge Management and Networked Environments

Knowledge Management and Networked Environments

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Foreword by Thomas H. Davenport, Director, Accenture Institute for Strategic Change, and author, The Attention Economy

Business operates in a universe of knowledge, with information traversing seemingly infinite pathways between management, employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, authorities, and more. How can companies ensure that the information being shared is relevant, timely, and above all, accurate?

The answer to this question comes from the world-recognized experts that havecontributed to Knowledge Management and Networked Environments. Featuring luminaries like Accenture's Tom Davenport, as well as leading academics, this book sheds new light on the strategic needs and technological advances that are shaping the way we create, disseminate, and use knowledge -- then explains how businesses can stay ahead of the curve by maximizing the power of information.

An unparallelled team of experts lends unique and deep insight into one of the most important issues in the eEconomy.