Start Your Own Business Support Service (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

Start Your Own Business Support Service (Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Up)

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Business grows more complex every day, but budget constraints keep companies from hiring enough skilled people to perform the ever-increasing amounts of administrative work. That's why support services are a booming business. With cost as a driving factor, it makes better business sense to outsource noncore business tasks than to hire full- or part-time employees. Everything from basic word processing and database management to desktop publishing and Web site maintenance can be a business opportunity for you.

You can turn your business skills into gold by specializing in one or two services and selling them to many businesses; by offering multiple services to a few preferred customers; or by hiring others to provide whatever skills the market demands.

Whatever your goal is to work from home as a loan freelancer or to run a large operation with employees, this guide shows you how to earn a comfortable living. It tells you everything you need to know to start' run and grow your business support service including:

  • Financing your startup costs
  • Identifying clients and generating business
  • Evaluating potential employees
  • Marketing your services
  • Managing your finances

There's more, including a section filled with advice from successful business support service owners. Pick up this indispensable guide today and discover how you can break into a growing market using skills and talents you already have.