Guidebook for Global Entrepreneurs

Guidebook for Global Entrepreneurs

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As the world business climate becomes increasingly global, and the international arena becomes incresingly important, the need for understanding cross-cultural differences between nations and races becomes increasingly acute.

The Guidebook for Globlal Entrepreneurs is a powerful reference handbook intended to enable businesses to operate successfully in international settings. In a large sense, people who are involved internationally in manufacturing, trade, government, management, or training are more likely to be classed as Global Entrepreneurs, because they are generally involved in large-scale operations which will change a region, a city or a household.

Entrepreneurs have various titles. An entrepreneur may be the ruler of a country, or the president of a corporation. A Global Entrepreneur may also be a Minister of Labor in a developing country, or a manager, or a trainer, or a decision-maker. In summary, a Global Entrepreneur is a change agent, who is involved in international business, andhas a solid, cross-cultural understandingof the people he or she is trying to change.

Since the world is made up of various races, nationalities, beliefs, and people with in-bred customs, Global Entrepreneurs must know the differences between themselves and the people they are dealing with. Otherwise, their negotations will not be successful.

This Guidebook should be used as a reference manual by decision makers to understand some of the situations that their change agents may face. The book contains cross-cultural information about non-verbal hand symbols, gift giving, and the meaning of colors anf flowers. It contains information about each country in the world, including the official country name; the capitol and major cities; the ethnic groups; the religions; visas, travel, and health; electrical service, and cross-cultural observations.