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Learning Edge Pb

Learning Edge Pb

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Fortune magazine recently proclaimed that "the most successful corporation of the 1990's will be something called a learning organization." Today, more than ever before, knowledge is power, and organizations facing global competitive pressure must consistently harness this power and maximize employees learning to survive. The Learning Edge responds to this new market reality with a dynamic, concrete approach managers and executives can use to take charge of their own futures, by turning on-the-job experiences into learning opportunities, and discovering how to lead others to grow and to learn. This insightful guide shows that the competitive advantage for today's forward-looking managers lies at the point where work and learning converge to produce greater productivity. It explains where the best learning occurs, discloses what managers must learn to add value to their organization, and presents a five-step process for "Becoming Your Best at Work" by: Mastering the art of intentional learning; Performinga learning audit; Building developmental learning teams; Motivating employees to stretch and take risks; Growing on the job despite the lack of top-level support.