Management Golf:  What's Your Handicap?

Management Golf: What's Your Handicap?

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Do you believe in action-oriented planning, the speedy execution of ideas and realistic goal-setting in business management? So do the authors of this book-and that's why they've developed this fun, innovative evaluation tool that any business can use toassess its own operations and identify weak spots and trouble areas. Management Golf has been arranged to resemble a round of golf: 18 of the most important business factors were selected to match the 18 holes in a golf game. Topics such as technology, strategy, resources, finance and customer service each get a score, and a graphic layout of each hole is shown at the end of each chapter. When you're done playing the game, it's time to figure out your handicap-the factors you need to work on to get yourcompany playing "above par."Once you know your score and your handicap, you can address the real challenge of this book-using what you've discovered about the inner workings of your company to boost innovation and creativity among your management team and make the business run better than it ever has before. As a game, Management Golf is great fun. As a self-assessment tool for your business, it's invaluable! ABOUT THE AUTHORSMichael J. Kami is considered one of the leading business advisors in the world. He was the strategic planner for IBM during its spectacular growth period in the 1950s and for Xerox during its boom in the 1960s. He retired young, moved to Florida and became a consultant, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. In the 1980s, he sat on the Board of Directors of Harley Davidson and was part of the team which transformed that company into one of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers. He currently publishes the quarterly newsletter Kami Strategic Assumptions, which provides management advice to top executives in the United States and abroad.William Martz is a long-time business consultant. Over the years, he has helped executives throughout the United States adapt to changing conditions, deal more effectively with competition and plan innovative new strategies for success. His ability to combine practicality with a vision for the future has earned him a reputation as a top management consultant for small and medium-size companies.