Directory of Business Information

Directory of Business Information

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It is one of the great ironies of the "Information Age": we know a vast ocean of information now lies open to us, but it's all 'out there' somewhere; in fact, information often seems less accessible than ever before. And in business, where important judgments, decisions, and opportunities ride on timely access to crucial information, the irony becomes painful. Now, with the Directory of Business Information, businesspeople can access the vital information they need quickly and directly.

Written by business journalist Lawrence Rasie, this valuable guide describes thousands of sources of information—and then links them directly to business databanks. It includes a framework of information on major industries and companies to help you narrow your search to the specific data you need. It also provides a network of sources for business research in any part of the country—without leaving your home, office, or school.

The Directory of Business Information is divided into four major parts:

  • Part 1 describes general sources of business information, including printed sources, online databases, CD ROM databases, microfilm, and telephone sources. Here you'll find a wealth of good starting points for your research: broad indexes to business news and trends, comprehensive directories for industries and companies, yearbooks, business newspapers and periodicals, major business broadcasts, and major business databases.
  • Part 2 helps you focus in on three essential business topics: the economy, industries, and leading companies. In this part, which in itself would be worth the price of the book, the author summarizes the current status and future prospects of 350 major industries and the top 2,500 companies in those industries—complete with addresses, phone numbers, and approximate sales levels. Sources for further research include specialized indexes, periodicals, trade associations, and more.
  • Part 3 opens up sources on specific business topics and functions, including new and small businesses, international business, and the federal government, among others.
  • Part 4 shows you how to get valuable state and regional information, including—for each state—a description of its economy, key government offices, data centers and libraries, local publications, and a list of its largest companies and largest in-state employers.

To make it even easier to use, the Directory of Business Information is supported by thorough, carefully prepared indexes, and by the inclusion of thousands of phone numbers of business experts in government, corporations, industry associations, publications, and libraries.

For anyone involved with business in the United States—executives, investors, salespeople, librarians, and researchers—the Directory of Business Information is indispensable: it's the first place to look.

Quick Access to All the Business Information You Need

Lawrence Rasie's Directory of Business Information gives anyone doing business research quick and direct access to vast amounts of information in all media. Based on sources developed during the author's twelve years as a business journalist, the Directory:

  • Describes major sources of business information in the United States, including online databases, CD ROM sources, periodicals, newspapers, and broadcasts, and shows you how to access them easily
  • Summarizes the current status and future prospects of 2,500 top companies in 350 industries—complete with names, addresses, phone numbers, and sales levels. Over 10,000 sources in all
  • Opens new sources of information for specialized topics, such as new and small businesses, international business, and the federal government
  • Provides key information and sources for each of the 50 states—allows you to research state and regional business environments without having to travel there
  • Is thoroughly and carefully indexed for greater efficiency—a feature not found in many other, more expensive business reference books

Business executives, market researchers, investors, librarians, entrepreneurs, students, and other professionals—anyone who needs immediate access to business information will find the Directory of Business Information an indispensable time and money-saving resource.