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The Transformation of Management

The Transformation of Management

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There are no simple solutions anymore. We have to learn how to manage complexity. The Transformation of Management describes how to tackle this task in the context of the challenges of a new global economy. The major nations of the world are going through a massive change in the driving forces of their economies. The winners will be the few who are successful in bringing about a transformation of the way they manage to match the new realities.

Packed with compelling insights and illuminating case studies based on Mike Davidson's extensive experience as a strategic thinker, The Transformation of Management demonstrates not only how to beat the competition, but how to beat evolution itself, and so achieve success today and in the future.

· A comprehensive guide to the way organizations will need to be managed if they are to succeed in the new global economy;
· Teaches companies how to take control of their competitive destiny;
· Provides an integrated system for pursuing ultimate enterprise success.