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Supergrowth Companies : Entrepreneurs in Action

Supergrowth Companies : Entrepreneurs in Action

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Supergrowth Companies is based on extensive research following the progress of over 200 businesses, including Anita Roddick and The Body Shop and Alan Sugar and Amstrad. It features interviews with company executives and a collection of over fifty case studies.

It also reports on ten years of research involving fifteen researchers in Britain and Germany and producing guidelines concerning new business opportunities, growth strategies, leadership styles, organization expansion, overseas expansion, strategies for service businesses, managing risk and uncertainty.

Supergrowth Companies is aimed primarily at managers and entrepreneurs who want to learn from the experience of a wide range of businesses so that theirs may grow faster and more profitably. It will also be of interest to students of business growth and managers on corporate development programmes.

Based on original research from Henley Management College
Bernard Taylor is the well-known and widely respected author and editor of Long Range Planning (key Elsevier business journal)
Medium-sized companies are very much in vogue - as acquisition targets and as having the most growth potential in the future.