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The Reality of Management

The Reality of Management

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The Reality of Management, now in its third edition, carves a clear course through the fads and fashions of management theory providing the manager with a practical and usable guide to managing effectively.

First published in the 1960s, this thoroughly revised and updated edition finds the fundamentals of managing remain the same. It provides a unique long perspective on current managerial fashions, on the evidence of their utility and distinguishing what is new from what is reinvention.

The Reality of Management is addressed to all managers who wish to learn more about their jobs for the practical reason of becoming better managers and to all students who seek to learn something of the realities of management.

Practical, hands-on, readable approach to the realities of management
Includes descriptions of social research into management practice and problems
This title stands as a management classic alongside Peter Drucker, Mary Parker Follet, Charles Handy and Michael Porter's works