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Home-Based Business

Home-Based Business

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Just a few small changes, or perhaps just a change of attitude, can turn an in-home business into a small business success story.

  • Uses a simple, concise and straight forward writing style
  • Includes clear ideas and suggestion with the support framework to get them up and running
  • Daily tips, throughout the book, offer simple techniques for improving and operating a home based business.
In one easy-to-read reference guide, are all the practical tips toincrease the success and profit of an in-home business. With its simple, concise and straightforward writing style, Home-Based Business is ideal for the time-poor business owner. Brendan Power provides succinct & clear ideas and suggestions, with the support framework to get them up and running. With a dynamic and interesting design, like "daily tip" boxes, the books are easy to read, cover to cover, or, alternatively, one chapter at a time.

Brendan Power is CEO of VIP Backpackers Resorts International and has an extensive background in business and marketing. He has worked for Anheuser Busch and was Marketing Director of Power Management Group. He is a small business owner himself, with a bar and restaurant in Kansas City and a women's' clothing boutique in Brisbane, Australia.