Micro and Small Enterprises in Latin America: Experience of Business Development Services

Micro and Small Enterprises in Latin America: Experience of Business Development Services

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This publication should be of special interest to all people working on program related to small enterprise development, including representatives of business associations, financial institutions, universities, business schools, research organizations, donors and national and regional development agencies, as well as to private consultants providing services in this field.

The publication starts with a general introduction to the role of Business Development Services and the principles of good practice in this field and this is followed by chapters dealing with such subjects as: Voucher Programs for Training, the use of Matching Grants and the review of the Constancy and Training Market in Argentina.

The book includes descriptions of a variety ofcase studies from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru and some covering general experiences in the region and in various parts of the continent. This section reviews experience in the provision of services in Marketing, Technology, Information and the setting up and operation of Business Centres. Chapters are included on the process of networks through the clustering of small enterprises in various countries.

The final section deals specifically with the role of the public sector in the establishment and operation of business development services. A contribution from Chile defines the appropriate role for the State and covers experiences in the role of business services in local economic development. There are further papers on private/public partnerships in the provision of services for small enterprises in Brazil and Argentina.

The book sets out various approaches to the provision of business development services and the re-thinking of the role of the private sector, based on initiatives and experience in the Latin American region. The approaches are based on the realization of the objectives of cost-effective support services which are sustainable, have wide outreach and can have the optimum impact on the beneficiary enterprises and the local business environment.