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C-E-O & M-O-M, Same Time, Same Place

C-E-O & M-O-M, Same Time, Same Place

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Downsized out of a job, a single mother starts professional homebased business. In less than 5 years, RB Balch, a computer consulting firm, has grown to $2.5 million in annual sales and has won city, state and national recognition and awards for success and community involvement. CEO & MOM describes in a very easy to read, straight forward way, how RB Balch has been so successful and how you to can do the same. This book is packed with real ideas that you can implement. There are checklists of names, organizations, and 'to do' items. This book is a must anyone thinking about starting a business but think it's just too hard or for those with a small business that needs a little push. CEO & MOM will inspire and motivate you to start promoting yourself - for business or for personal.