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BizBest: Connections For Success

BizBest: Connections For Success

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BizBest is about access for business owners — contacts… connections… inside information. It’s about needing something right now and having experts research, analyze and deliver your resource options immediately in crisp, clear language. In business, having such access and connections is golden. The right connections answer your questions, solve your problems and help you grow and prosper. BizBest delivers those connections, exclusively for you. It’s the only publicationof its kind, putting a wealth of solutions for every key small biz need in the palm of your hand. You get:

• 2,000 hand-picked resources arranged by category and fully indexed.

• Expert commentary and exclusive BizBest ratings — not static listings. We analyze what’s out there, apply our unique rating system, select the BizBest50 and offer details, insights and warnings where appropriate.

• Total independence. This is probably the best part. We accept no ads, sponsors or paid listings of any kind. We serve you, the business owner, not the corporate "suits." BizBest puts business owners first. We are highly selective. BizBest does not list everyone. In fact, we go out of our way to trim the fat. We only list the resources we like or think you should know about. Nobody can pay to be listed here. Our job is to bring you only what’s most valuable. We don’t bother you with the rest. BizBest: Connections for Success was created by one of America’s most experienced and trusted authorities on small business resources. It is something fresh and totally new — a service dedicated to finding and providing the contacts, connections and insider access you need to succeed. BizBest helps you find solutions for any small biz need. It’s a 320-page, print-based publication, sold singly or by subscription with monthly updates in a convenient 7 x 9-inch ring-bound format. Resources are organized and indexed for quick access, with our insightful descriptions of products & services, including vital details such as phone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, Web sites — and most importantly, BizBest’s expert analysis, commentary and ratings. BizBest users include business owners, entrepreneurs, home-based biz owners, managers, professional advisors to small biz (coaches, consultants, CPAs, attorneys, lenders), government & economic development officials and others. BizBest ratings are exclusive, and so is the BizBest50: The World’s Fifty Most Useful Resources for Small Business. Selection to the prestigious BizBest50 signals elite status among the tens of thousands of companies, products, services, Web sites, agencies, organizations and publications serving small biz. At BizBest, we live and breathe all things related to small business because we’ve been there ourselves. We’re dedicated to the single-minded purpose of bringing you the vital connections that can save you big-time money; put your profits in high gear and rocket your business ahead of the pack. Some BizBest benefits • Find what you need, fast. BizBest is organized into 12 subject areas (see list at left), making it quick and easy to find solutions. PLUS, BizBest offers two indexes — our exclusive SPEED INDEX, with key items by subject; and our DETAILED INDEX with all entries listed alphabetically by name. • Take it with you. The convenient 7 x 9 custom ring binder is highly portable and includes color-coded tabs and "chrome" finish. • Stay on the cutting edge. Subscribers to the BizBest Update Service receive updated releases throughout the year, via print and/or e-mail. When an update comes, simply remove the old section from the ring binder, toss it out, and insert the new one. Each new Release includes a revised Contents & Index as well. • Exclusive BizBest resource ratings: BizBest’s rating system helps you spot the standouts, the rising stars or the underachievers. These ratings are BizBest exclusives. • Analysis you can trust. We regularly talk with resource providers about how your needs are being met. With our ad-free, 100% independent analysis and "biz owners-first" approach, you can be sure you’re benefiting from the most objective opinion anywhere. With BizBest, an investment of pennies per day bags your business the insider contacts that will boost your bottom line. Minimal cost and maximum benefit are why tens of thousands of business owners are making BizBest their trusted partner in growth. Today’s cut-throat competition DEMANDS the best connections a biz owner can get. BizBest offers quick and easy access to the BEST. P.S. The cost of BizBest is probably tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor.