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Four Seasons of Leadership

Four Seasons of Leadership

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Building a beautiful life or legacy takes hard work. Just as gardening or farming requires us to get our hands dirty and work for the rewards, so too, are the fruits of our labors only to be found after long hours of practice, focus and patience. While many of us dream of easy solutions, or hope some luck will make all our wishes come true, the law of the universe and the cycle of life demand hard work and perseverance. They are the only fairy dust for fulfilling dreams and ambitions. This book gives hope to weary work-aholics and heals the heart of embattled entrepreneurs or managers by bringing to mind the reasons we work so hard. It is about fulfilling your leadership and life dreams, and about considering the legacy you will leave. It describes how great leaders begin their journey to leadership early in life and ultimately find satisfaction in their personal lives by: Developing a personal mission statement (Winter). Obtaining wisdom through education (Spring). Developing personal character (Summer). Leading through serving and mentoring others (Autumn).