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Motivation Management

Motivation Management

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Missed deadlines, absenteeism, and poor performance are symptoms of the kind of employee discouragement that can derail change efforts, cause teams to fail, and create record-breaking turnover. They are a clear signal that focusing on performance is not enough. Managers also must continually read the gauge on employee motivation in order to get to the heart of problems, empower employees to find solutions, and stay on the road to success.

Motivation Management clearly demonstrates the link between motivation and performance: People are at their best when they have confidence in themselves, trust their manager, and find satisfaction in their work. Presenting a unique belief system model for tackling performance problems, author Thad Green explores what it takes to open up channels of communication, build leadership effectiveness, improve decision making, and manage change more successfully--all by focusing on motivation. Based on sound management principles and backed by extensive experience, Motivation Management is tailor-made for anyone whose success depends on motivating and influencing others, or who needs to examine his or her own motivation and performance issues. Using the model's three keys--confidence, trust, and satisfaction--and offering awealth of vignettes, examples, checklists, and sample scripts, Green details exactly what to say and do to get employees to talk about problems, unearth the underl! ying causes, and suggest solutions to improve their own performance.