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Multicriteria Methodology for Decision Aiding (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications)

Multicriteria Methodology for Decision Aiding (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications)

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This is the first comprehensive book to present, in English, the multicriteria methodology for decision aiding. In the foreword the distinctive features and main ideas of the European School of MCDA are outlined. The twelve chapters are essentially expository in nature, but scholarly in treatment. Some questions, which are too often neglected in the literature on decision theory, such as how is a decision made, who are the actors, what is a decision aiding model, how to define the set of alternatives, are discussed. Examples are used throughout the book to illustrate the various concepts. Ways to model the consequences of each alternative and building criteria taking into account the inevitable imprecisions, uncertainties and indeterminations are described and illustrated. The three classical operational approaches of MCDA: synthesis in one criterion (including MAUT), synthesis by outranking relations, interactive local judgements, are studied. This methodology tries to be a theoretical or intellectual framework directed towards formulating recommendations for action. Audience:The book is addressed to graduate students, postgraduates and researchers in management sciences, operations research or decision analysis, as well as all scientists who use models and methods for guiding decisions. In addition all those who, in business and administration, wish to take part in decision-making through scientific reasoning will be interested. The contents of the book are organized in such a way as to help individuals with different backgrounds and interests chart an appropriate course through the chapters (see Reader's Guide in the front-matter).