Wharton on Making Decisions

Wharton on Making Decisions

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"Wharton on Making Decisions provides a unique blend of theory and practical experience. The authors’ insights are at many times humorous, always instructive, and definitely thought provoking. This book should be recommended reading for decision makers in today’s fast-moving world where alternative choices are increasing in number, complexity, and importance."–Arthur D. Collins Jr., President and COO, Medtronic, Inc.

"This is a superb book that provides valuable insights for managers at all levels. No matter how many critical decisions we make, it is useful to be reminded of the intricacies of the process. Wharton on Making Decisions does just that."–Rakesh Gangwal, President and CEO, U.S. Airways

"Wharton on Making Decisions takes a thorough look at the hard and soft sides of decision making–the intuitive as well as the analytical. With the frenetic pace and complexities of decision making today, this is reading that no manager should miss."–Robert S. Morrison, Chairman, President, and CEO, The Quaker Oats Company

"The depth and breadth of the Wharton collection will help establish the case for the decision sciences to become a new major field of undergraduate and graduate studies at many universities(including my own at Harvard). Thanks, Wharton!" –Howard Raiffa, Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Managerial Economics Emeritus, Harvard Business School

"As managers, we would be pretty disappointed if someone could give us our batting average on the decisions we make. I have no doubt this book can improve your average."–Jean-Pierre Rosso, Chairman, CNH Global N.V.

"Wharton on Making Decisions offers penetrating insight into the art and science of decision making. Relevant to both business and personal life, it’s a must read for any decision maker."–Alfred P. West Jr., Chairman and CEO, SEI Investments