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Guide to Your Career, 5th Edition (Princeton Review Series)

Guide to Your Career, 5th Edition (Princeton Review Series)

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Finding a satisfying career takes more than simply knowing what interests you. Besides considering what you like to do, you must also recognize how you like to do it. In other words, you need to identify your career "style." Suppose you are talented in the sciences and have always excelled in biology. How can you identify the working environment that will best suit you? Would you prefer a medical career working closely with other people in an often hectic clinical setting? Or is your style more compatible with the quieter, more solitary surroundings of a research laboratory?

Career counselor Alan B. Bernstein helps you identify your interests and style by guiding you through the Birkman Career Style Summary. You will answer a series of questionsabout your personal preferences, and then score yourself to identify your Birkman colors on a grid. Your Birkman colors represent your career interests and style--not only what you like to do, but also how you like to do it.

The Princeton Review Guideto Your Career profiles more than 180 career opportunities--from accounting to zoology--with firsthand insight from professionals in each field. Each profession is categorized by its Birkman color, so you can look for careers that are compatible with your needs and desires. The third edition features twelve of the hottest new careers for the twenty-first century, including Internet manager and business valuator.