Maximum Energy for Life: A 21-Day Strategic Plan to Feel Great, Reverse the Aging Process, and Optimize Your Health

Maximum Energy for Life: A 21-Day Strategic Plan to Feel Great, Reverse the Aging Process, and Optimize Your Health

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Praise For Mackie Shilstone’s MAXIMUM ENERGY FOR LIFE

"Nomatter how successful you are, the one thing you can’t buy is your health. But as I did, you can put the expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of Mackie Shilstone to work for you. This book represents a strategic management plan . . . the ultimate book for helping you to identify where you want to go and how best to achieve your performance goals. The performance management plan he offers in this book is truly a road map to success that you will want to use for the rest of your life."
–from the foreword by Steve Wynn, business legend

"Mackie’s program that he shares with readers for the first time in Maximum Energy for Life significantly prolonged my baseball career and enhanced the quality of my life. In fact, it helped me reach the Baseball Hall of Fame."
– Ozzie Smith, retired all-star shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals,
2002 Hall of Fame Inductee

"I was at the peak of my career as a medical doctor and had no idea that life had anything more in store for me. Then I met Mackie. After learning to think the way Mackie thinks, I had reserve energy and creativity that had previously been hidden, and I am happier and more optimistic. I have referred patients to Mackie, some of whom were too discouraged to try again to lose weight and get in shape. With his help, these patients got healthier, thinner, and more energetic–and their quality of life improved."
–Kathleen Wilson, M.D., Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans

"Mackie Shilstone’s concepts in Maximum Energy for Life are truly exceptional. As a busy network executive, I know how important it is to assume ownership of one’s health in being successful in business and in one’s personal life. Mackie’s program is the best. It has consistently worked with world-class athletes and everyday executives like me."
–Rick Bernstein, Executive Vice President, HBO Sports

"Mackie is the man! There is only one Mackie Shilstone, and Maximum Energy forLife is unmatched. Mackie’s program helped give me the strength and motivation that I needed to succeed at the highest level. After my bout with cancer, his personal touch helped me to regain my ability to play–and the health to live a quality life."
– Brett Butler, former center fielder, Los Angeles Dodgers

"When you condition your body, it changes your life emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Mackie’s enthusiasm and knowledge expressed in Maximum Energyfor Life are an inspiration to never give up."
–Meg Farris, Medical Reporter, WWL-TV

"Maximum Energy for Life has given me the tools necessary to change my lifestyle and bring energy and balance into my personal and professional life."
–Donna Klein, nurse and attorney