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Two Jobs, No Life: Learning to Balance Work and Home

Two Jobs, No Life: Learning to Balance Work and Home

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When was the last time you vacuumed? If you can't remember, chances are you're feeling a little guilty. In fact, you're probably feeling guilty about a lot of things -- the fact that your children are in daycare; the fact that you sometimes miss work to care for your sick toddler; the fact that you and your spouse haven't spent an evening alone since 1998.

With almost 90 percent of adults employed outside the home, balancing the demands of work and family has, for many, become an exercise in frustration. Trapped by unrealistic and outdated expectations, we struggle to keep up or at least keep ahead.

It doesn't have to be this way. In Two Jobs, No Life, Dr. Peter Marshall offers a practical approach to the work-home dilemma, from setting priorities and renegotiating roles to cutting corners and "just saying no," Marshall arms his readers with tried, tested and true strategies for coping with the challenges of day-to-day life.

Chapters include: - The Daycare Debate (what the "experts" have to say) - Superwoman and Mr. Mom (how redefining gender roles can help) - Taking Care of Ourselves (time management and coping with stress) - Taking Care of Our Parents (the "sandwich" generation) - Redesigning Work (flextime, telecommuting and job sharing)

In accessible, well-researched and often light-hearted text, Marshall focuses on ways to balance and establish priorities so that the entire family benefits and no one is left feeling guilty.

"Dr. Marshall's latest book on family life tackles oneof the challenges so many parents face today -- how to care for their families, manage their careers, and keep their sanity, all at the same time. Written in his very readable and humorous style, the book offers parents a wealth of practical suggestions,insights, and reassurance." Barbara Coloroso, author of Kids Are Worth It! and Parenting Through Crisis