The Winning Argument

The Winning Argument

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The Winning Argument. Every litigator strives for it --- the seamless, logical position; the delicate balance of reason and emotion; the impassioned and elegant delivery; the power to persuade a judge or jury.

What makes a winning argument? What captures your listeners' attention? What influences their decisions? A new book by the American Bar Association Section of Litigation examines the key factors to a Winning Argument and provides insight into how to strengthen your advocacy skills and develop an argument that is powerful and persuasive.

Three experienced trial lawyers examine twelve characteristics of a winning argument and present the rudiments and sophisticated levels of persuasion based upon ancient and modern techniques. An understanding of these basic principles will help you develop and present an effective argument before a judge, jury, a colleague or in mediation.

The Winning Argument focuses on singular characteristics of advocacy by drawing upon specific principles of persuasive techniques, including how to focus on the listener, how to build an argument with law, evidence and policy, how to appeal to emotion and how to capitalize on ethos. In addition to examining the key factors in a winning argument, the book:

--Provides practical and valuable tips for enhancing arguments

-- Identifies the different types of reasoning and associated logical fallacies

-- Integrates information and research from the law with classical rhetoric, modern communications studies, psychology, logic, negotiation, marketing and sales.

-- Addresses the use of advocacy principles in many different contexts including motion practice, mediation, negotiation, trial and appeals.

In addition to the practical, clear instructions, the book includes colorful stories and anecdotes that illustrate real-life situations and apply to your practice. It examines the origin of the winning strategies, offering an appreciation for the art of advocacy and persuasion while facilitating a deeper understanding of what is involved in creating and presenting a persuasive argument. The tone is practical, yet inviting; lively, yet instructive.

The Winning Argument will help you develop your advocacy skills or refine your own formidable style. There is more to winning skills than the analytical tools learned in law school. Recognize twelve key factors that influence decisions and implement them quickly and effectively.

July 2001, 210 pages, 6 x 9, paper, ISBN: 1-57073-938-2